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Omani Law Firm

Corporate Crime

It is a regrettable fact of the regulation of modern commercial organizations that reputable businesses will come under the scrutiny of the law in the investigation of corporate related crime. We are able to assemble an expert, multidisciplinary team of fraud and business crime lawyers to deal with complex

Our ability to proactively deal with investigatory governmental agencies can avoid potential embarrass- mint and protecting your rights and interests. We support individuals and companies who are subject to allegations of serious crime or corporate crime, or who are witnesses in such investigations.

our watchwords as we conduct forensic investigations with the assistance of our wide network of experts.

Our in-house forensic investigation and legal experience,

supported by an extensive network of experts, has resulted in instruction on

• Money Laundering, criminal, political and terrorist related

• Antitrust & Antimonopoly criminal activity

• Domestic and international inducement and bribe transactions

• Stock manipulation

• Commercial misrepresentation

• Misappropriation of funds

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