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Omani Law Firm

Our Story

Omani & Partners LLP was established to serve the corporate law, property and litigation requirements of business based in the State of Qatar and All five continents without distinction of religion, color and gender.

As well as supporting companies and governments in domestic and international commercial contracts and provide all the expertise and legal assistance necessary to reach its customers to the top in dealing.

Omani & Partners always strives to improve the workflow and employees of the company, participate in local and international conferences and build the company’s international relations through its Choosing its experts and team on the basis of their academic and professional special- isms and experience, and include university professors, judges, high ranked state lawyers and general counsels from major corporations and International arbitrators and mediators and international law activists in international courts in the United States of America and The Hague

A developed team was formed in Omani & Partners that takes into account all future developments of the world

Omani & Partners seeks to build the international relations of the company, including universities, courts, and international chambers of commerce, and to build a basic base for him in the development of law in the State of Qatar and the region as a whole.

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