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Public and Administrative Law

Our specialized team has unrivaled experience in advising national and international governmental ministries and public and professional bodies on areas of business and commercial law, regulation and legislation drafting. We also advise universities on the development of their academic and professional law courses, having forged strong links through the academic achievements of our lawyers both regionally and globally.

We are integrally involved in the consultation processes which influence the drafting of commercially based legislation, which gives us considerable insight into the needs of business, aims of government, and operation of the law. This grants us a marked advantage in the assessment of legislative and regulatory compliance in matters of commercial disputes, construction law, professional negligence claims and arbitration. This explains why Omani and Partners is the first port of call for advice by the healthcare, construction and financial advisory industries.

We are the local and national experts for advice on

• interpretation and application of public finance and national treasury regulations, guidelines and directives
• interpretation of legislation and compliance in the healthcare industry
• governance of public bodies and regulated schemes in the medical sector
• restructuring of public or semi-public agencies
• interpretation of legislation and the exercise of public power and pursuit of public interest in commercial Administrative Contracts

Legislation Drafting and Review

16 Our experience and service is consistently called upon by the government, and our lawyers have been vital to the drafting and enactment of law establishing and promoting commercial and business interests via:

• Establishment of specialized economic and free zones.
• Regulation of petroleum and natural resource exploitation.
• Adapting and amending company law.
• Governance of arbitration center operation and procedures.
• Real Estate Law involving the maintenance of escrow account for purchaser and the regulation of legal relationships between master developers, sub-contractors real estate agencies and the maintenance of the land registry.
• Constitutional and election legislation.
• Legislative Policy Development.
• Drafting of personal data protection laws.

This expertise enables us to keep clients aware of legislation and regulatory developments which promotes their ability to adapt and thrive in the competitive business markets both domestic and international. It is an unparalleled service.


Omani & Partners LLPinternational law firms in Doha Qatar was established to serve the corporate law, property and litigation requirements of business based in the State of Qatar, to serve the needs of enterprises in the domestic and international arenas of banking, finance and commerce.

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