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Vision & Values

Aims & Vision

Omani and Partners LLP Law firms in Doha Qatar aims to be the first domestic based Law Firm in GCC states and to be internationally recognized and ranked for the quality of its service in the top ten corporate International law firms within the MENA region. The Management Team leads by example in the attraction of renowned professional corporate and commercial property lawyers  to the Omani and Partners family. They are selected on the basis of their academic and professional specialisms and experience, and include university professors, judges, high ranked state international finance lawyers and general counsels from major corporations.

Our operational policies are designed to ensure that the conduct of our clients’ affairs is undertaken by a practitioner with the appropriate expertise, supervised by a management process to support the needs and promotion of the clients’ aims.

Statement of Values

The shared values of Omani and Partners derive from the principles of Islamic Shari’a and our “SPFH”, Specialization, Professionalism, Faith and Honesty guide our relationships with clients. The culture of the Firm requires everyone, from the most senior to the most junior, to live and work by these values.

The keys to our client service are teamwork, excellence, determination, judgement and integrity. Strong governance and the identification of future leaders of the profession ensures the promotion of our vision and values.

This is supplemented by a rigorous training and leadership programme for all staff to advance and sustain our provision of unrivaled service to client needs and the promotion of excellence in pursuit of our cultural values.


Omani & Partners LLPinternational law firms in Doha Qatar was established to serve the corporate law, property and litigation requirements of business based in the State of Qatar, to serve the needs of enterprises in the domestic and international arenas of banking, finance and commerce.

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